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Guidelines to Maintain Home Gym Equipment

Guidelines to Maintain Home Gym Equipment

All exercise equipment need some maintenance to ensure for a longer life of the machines without any problems. A regular and planned maintenance is Essential to Maintain Your Equipment for a longer life and also to keep it visually presentable. Keeping your Home Gym Equipment in a good working condition is easy.

A simple care is enough to keep the warranty of your home gym equipment and if something happens, the manufacturer will send a technician to sort it out. Here, a few basic steps to keep your home gym working with a good condition are mentioned below. These procedures will take very little time and patience.


Wipe down the padded surfaces and keep everything clean. After each use, wipe the padded surfaces with Lysol or any sanitizing spray which is essential for the health of the equipment and also for anyone who uses the home gym equipment.

A vinyl conditioner can be used on the padded surfaces for once in a month to keep the material soft and resistant to crack and tear. Wipe down all the parts of the equipment every two weeks to keep them dust free and look good. Clean equipment can prevent the spread of communicable diseases through viruses and bacteria and makes the fitness center a pleasant experience.


Apply oil on the weight tracks every month and more often if it is used heavily. For resistance equipment, spray silicone into a clean rag and apply it on the weight tracks. And also, spray the silicone into the bearings and move them to ensure that they can move freely. For Cardio Equipment like treadmills, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for oiling/greasing them. Much high-end cardio equipment has oil reservoirs which need to be checked and filled occasionally.


When something on the machine is not working properly, you can notice it while working out. When not noticed in time, some items can increase the chance of injury. So, check for any cracks, bends, etc on your home gym equipment which should not be there.

Examine the cables and resistance bands at least once in a month for any breakage or damage. Check fixed Dumbbell and barbells and make sure whether the weights are attached securely. Fix or replace any equipment that presents a safety hazard immediately.


Dirt, dust, dead skin and lifting chalk can be collected in the barbell’s knurling. Use a wire brush to scrape and clean them every week. And also, oil the bearing every month to spin the sleeves freely.

The above are the simple tips to maintain the home gym equipment for a longer use. The basic maintenance is essential to keep the warranty on the machines. Most companies have a clause about basic maintenance of the machines and if they are neglected, it can result to cover the repair costs on your own.

Maintain Home Gym Equipment
Guidelines to Maintain Home Gym Equipment

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